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— monologuing (bonus: about humans/humanity)
— getting his hands dirty
— getting assaulted
— voyeurism
— people coming to him for intel/help
— matchmaking (bonus: they don't notice he's manipulating them)
— people telling him to "go die" or "I'll kill you"
— hand-holding
— loss of inhibitions
— giving up control to someone else
— being HONEST
— people saying they like him (doesn't have to be true)
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Day 65
RESCUED FROM NATURE: Allen, Peter Parker, Red
Snakes and chess: Yakumo Ran
Info and HOLY HELL TERAPEDES: Messenger

Day 66:
In a rocket ship...?: Lenalee, Chrysos Kineas, "Nikki Porter"
Suramba Paati!: Kida, Nova

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Okok. so I was going to essay on all three of my thusia characters but then my brain shut down like... sometimes while writing this large-ass essay. SO INSTEAD, YOU ALL GET IN-DEPTH OPINIONS OF CHARACTERIZATION OF THE TROLL FROM YOURS TRULY.

Pecha aka Orihara Izaya )

And now that that's done--QUESTION MEME.

Applies for Izaya, Prussia, and Kiritsugu @ Thusia and Cheshire/Kyou @ Decollage
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Reapps are basically just the first app with additional things about time in Thusia. Soooo...

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Day 6
Arrival: Muppet, Zel, Soubi, Kidale, Flynn, Inori, Jacqli, Allen (Sabra), Tsuyukasa
Red arrival: Red
Superheroes arrive: Muppet, Kid Flash, Robin (Dick), Superboy
Rezo arrival: Rezo
Ikki arrival: Ikki
Asche arrival: Asche
Laura arrival: Laura

Day 7
Lenalee arrival: Lenalee
Librarian arrival: Librarian

Day 9
Link (Dolphin-san) doing things: Link (Dolphin-san)
All the intros~: Muppet, Jacqli, Aella, Badger, Shinichi, Scowl, Soubi

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Days 20-29 )
Days 30-39 )

Day 40
First Meeting: various people

Day 41
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. . . so. Who wants to bet all of mine hit 1k at the same time?

In celebration of my winning combinations (and recent spamming--holy crap, Kakashi), opening the floor for a QUESTION MEME.

You love it, okay go.
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So. This is a bit belated of an update but well...

You all know that Pecha escaped Sabra La Tau with only 5 memories total? NO LONGER ONLY THOSE MEMORIES.

Basically, when Messenger gave Pecha back his name Orihara Izaya, his memories came with it! This is because Messenger was still charged up with King's power. So. Now Pecha remembers all the things which not only means lamenting plots back home never finished, but he will also recognize canonmates!

He will still introduce himself as Pecha, however. This is because he's learned a considerable lesson twice-over about the power of names. Better safe than sorry after all. Though he might call himself Nakura for the lolz.
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So basically, I will have a BRAND NEW SCHEDULE with hilarious funtimes of 12 hour shifts when I work BUT more days off!

Here's how it'll work:

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So there are some differences that will be noticeable in comparison to a canon!Izaya.

Generally, Pecha is more pale, having spent about 100 days in underground caves with torchlight creating their days and nights. And while Pecha was part of the team that served the Judges and thus received more privileges than the regular blanks who played in games, there was a ranking order and if Uroboros, his unit, ever reached last place out of the three, the conditions worsened considerably. So he is a bit thinner but not terribly noticeable. (Largely because he often harassed Watanuki on Lacerta for meals :x)

One very important thing to note is that he has terrible scars on his back. This was the result of the Judge King's lightning barely missing him as he escaped Sabra. They are healed, of course, but as burns go, it's clearly not the most comfortable.

The whole point of Sabra is that people willingly gave up their memories so they could play games, regain them by winning, and eventually win the ultimate prize of a wish. For Ophiuchus, the Judges' team, the way to earn memories by the time Pecha came around was to assign missions and turn in the results. Pecha wasn't lazy about missions, but they were mostly trades more than anything else. He was also not in a rush to regain his memories, so he only regained 5. Total.

Memories regained:
1st→ Shinra patching him up/taunting Shizu-chan (pc)
2nd→ Meeting Sonohara Anri/declaring war on Saika #
3rd→ Russian/English/other languages *
4th→ Shizu-chan at his Shinjuku apartment :/ #
5th→ Twin little sisters lolol they try too hard (pc/nov) *

# denoted skill gained
* denoted general info-dump
pc denoted pre-anime start canon
nov denoted info only found in novels

Update: Pecha has recovered all of his memories when Messenger, still hopped up on King's Power, gave back his name Orihara Izaya.

Pecha does still have memories of Old Sabra. Specifically, that of a Priest from Lacerta named Isaiah. This is because of a thing the Judge Surgeon pulled so blanks could properly understand the reason for Sabra La Tau's current system and possible methods to end it. These memories are faint and aren't very cohesive, but Pecha does draw a lot of his knowledge of the Judges and Sabra in general from them.
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Memory 4
→ Shizu-chan at his Shinjuku apartment :/ #

Transcript of the scene from the anime )

Memory 5
→ Twin little sisters lolol they try too hard (pc/nov) *

Exerpt from Vol. 4 novel )

What this means:
... Izaya will be SOOOOOOOOOOOOO grumpy.

Not only is he getting a memory involving the ONE PERSON HE HATES ABOVE ALL OTHERS, but he's also getting back a memory that informs him that he has twin sisters that he just generally does not like very much. And the feeling appears to be mutual.

So yes. Very grumpy and likely not to be pleasant if people poke him wrong.


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